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Reviews (press opinions):

Andrzej Pikul presented a mature vision of Chopin's works devoid of any abruptness, exaltation or sentimentalism. Luckily, he is free from the easy virtuoso effects, and the pianistic bravura, which he is fully capable of, remains in the background.
„Salzburger Nachrichten”, Salzburg 1982

Kulminacją recitalu było wykonanie Images I C. Debussego. Interpretacja pełna mieniących się barw i zróżnicowanych nastrojów.
„Tages Post Graz”, Graz 1984

A splendid, symphonic interpretation of Beethoven's Concert in C Minor.
„Der Bund”, Bern 1987

At the end - Chopin's works - without sentimentalism, very rigorous in tempo, clear in dynamic drama. These pianistic qualities were fully presented in the Ballade in A Flat Major op. 47.
„Basler Zeitung” Basel 1991

Mendelssohn's Concert in G Minor was performed by Andrzej Pikul. He has an infallible technique, his playing is marked with strong, emphatic sound, vigorous and colourful.
„Trybuna Opolska” Opole 1991

The soloist achieved full success in his interpretation of what is a huge pianistic task: Liszt's Second Concerto. His playing is distinguished by the highest musicality matched by his bright virtuosity.
„Basler Zeitung” Basel 1991

Pikul resists the temptation of cheap effects, his ideas are thoroughly considered and elaborated in every detail. He is authentic and sincere but not over-emotional. He surprises us by his unusual intuition in building multi-levelled structures of the dramatic of the work and the narration of the musical flow is characterised by a deep insight into the composer's intentions.
„Pogranicze” Przemyśl 1993

The language of music used by Andrzej Pikul is transparent and understandable. His brilliant play leaves no doubt to the listener while allowing him to explore the mysteries of music.
„El dia” La Serena 1994

The Polish pianist is endowed first of all with a magnificent sound (...), his work is characterised by excellent technique, moderation, stability and pondered interpretation.
„Pianissimo” Bucaramanga 1995

Andrzej Pikul was admirable in his interpretation of works by Frédéric Chopin (...) An entrancing execution of the Sonata No. 1 by Ginastera full of momentum until the orgiastic culmination in the final sequence.
„Siegener Zeitung” Siegen 1996

The solo part in the 4th Symphony Concertante by Karol Szymanowski was played by Andrzej Pikul. In this exceptionally difficult composition, the experienced pianist made an energetic demonstration of his great potential.
„Kurier lubelski”1999

The solo parts in Petite Symphonie Concertante by Frank Martin were played by: Irena Czubek (harp), Elżbieta Stefańska (harpsichord), Andrzej Pikul (piano). The middle piece - Adagio performed by that trio was a true pleasure for the heart and ear of the listener.
„Ruch Muzyczny” 2001

Andrzej Pikul, pianist of great skill and invention, persuaded several composers to write piano fantasies for him. Those pieces he performed in a recital in "Florianka" concert hall (...). However the evening culminated in its second part, with three piano sonatas by the eminent Argentinean composer Alberto Ginastera. Compositions truly original, full of rhythmical dynamism, excellently written for piano ... and hellishly difficult. Andrzej Pikul played them with bravura: with subtle sound in the exotic "night adagios", with toccata cascades of chords in quicker parts, he impressed everyone with his impetus of a piano virtuoso ...
„Dziennik Polski” Kraków 2001

Andrzej Pikul gave a piano recital which soon changed into a true piano marathon finished just before midnight. The extensive programme of the evening was crowned by a superb performance of piano sonatas by Alberto Ginastera.
„Gazeta Wyborcza” 2001

Concerto for piano by Francis Poulenc is an almost unknown composition. (...) Thus only Andrzej Pikul, pianist known from his ambitious repertoire, introduced it to our stages (...) playing the solo part brilliantly, with a pretty "French" sound, and in the finale resembling to a music-hall piece (...) he made the rhythm and articulation spicier and hotter.
„Dziennik Polski” Kraków 2001

Andrzej Pikul decided to play the less known piece - Années de pelerinage by F. Liszt, presenting Obermann's Valley, two Sonnets by Petrarca (104, 123) and After a lecture of Dante. Years of Pilgrimage by Liszt are a true challenge for the performer. They require not only a master's skill, but also the ability to comprehend the torn form of each piece and create a climate of a very peculiar, at times mystic emotionality. Andrzej Pikul stood up to that challenge with complete success (...) Thanks to him, we witnessed the art of piano playing at its best.
„Dziennik Polski” Kraków 2002.

Andrzej Pikul is a superb interpreter of the contemporary music. In his presentation of the piano works by Krystyna Moszumańska-Nazar: (Bagatelles, Constellations, Variations) with Jan Pilch on percussion, Trois Valses and the Apigram dedicated to A. Pikul himself, he permeated the compositions with an astonishing variety of colours and climates. Beautiful music, beautiful interpretations.
„Dziennik Polski” Kraków 2004

... the Wariants for piano and percussion (by Krystyna Moszumańska-Nazar) phenomenally interpreted by the artists from Krakow (Andrzej Pikul, Jan Pilch). Consistence with respect to the form, colourful connotations and a changing tension made the audience suspend their breath while listening to that work. The full understanding between the pianist and the percussionist enhanced the effect of the listener being bewitched with the dreamlike sounds.
„Ruch Muzyczny” 2004

The second part of the concert started with delicate trill and tremolo of St. Francoise d'Assise. Le predication aux oiseaux. You could hear in it both the birds singing and seriousness of St. Francis of Assisi preaching, whereas in St. Francois de Paule marchant sur les flots the pianist created magnificently an image of the monk walking on the rough sea waves. The climax of the evening was about to come. After finished Consolations resounded the uncanny sounds of Apres une Lecture du Dante (Fantasia quasi Sonata). Dynamic dramatic art of this performance made the impression of a real journey to the Other World. Andrzej Pikul with virtuosity took his audience first to the Hell Abyss to lift them later to the heavenly land of joy. And he did it without needless exaltation, in a peaceful and well-considered manner, and at the same time very honest. The audience awarded him with thunderous applause. In exchange for this the pianist entertained all with performing one of the Liszt's song transcription.
Elżbieta Mazurkiewicz „Polska Muza”

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